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Back Pain Treatment In Lithia Springs | AICA Lithia SpringsApproximately 80% of American citizens suffer will from some form of back pain throughout the course of their lifetime.

The concept of back pain is ambiguous in nature since the particular connection of your pain, and its actual source might not be clear, even with the use of an X-ray and a complete account of your physical activities.

However, treatment that aligns with your particular condition and can address its unique characteristics is possible.

Here are some options available for back pain treatment in Lithia Springs that your Chiropractor might recommend:

Lithia Springs Back Pain Treatment

According to licensed Chiropractors across the country, pain that is located in the lower back area is often related to some spinal condition.

Spinal Adjustments

Because of this, spinal manipulation and adjustments applied to your vertebrae might be used to help realign your spine.

Depending on the extent of your injury, adjustments may need to be used on multiple occasions, over the course of several months.

Stress Relief

New York University’s Department of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine has released some studies over the last ten years that cite stress as one of the primary sources of lower back pain.

Studies have found that deep emotional issues are a significant trigger for creating and keeping tension in your body; which prevents your muscles and nerves from receiving the amount of oxygen they need to properly function.

If you are going through a difficult period in your life or have been living under stress for some time now, talk to your Chiropractor about how you can introduce stress-reliving techniques into your treatment program.

Taking time to meditate, exercise, and perform yoga on multiple occasions throughout your busy week can go a long way in diminishing your back pain.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Used For Treating Back Pain | AICA Lithia SpringsYour Chiropractor knows that your lower back area needs to be extended, rotated, and flexed to continuously function at maximum capacity.

Unfortunately, too many people sit completely immobile for hours at a time, due to their lifestyle or the demands of their job.

Because of this, your doctor may recommend walking and other easy-to-do activities, like stretching and core strengthening, if your back continuously flares up.

Typically, patients who commit to physical therapy at least three times a week notice a positive change, within no time.


Chiropractic techniques focus on addressing conditions from a holistic perspective, meaning that they attempt to treat any underlying issues that cause your body to feel pain in particular areas.

It is extremely important to know that the vast majority of treatment methods associated with Chiropractic medicine are not invasive, nor do they carry the type of harmful side-effects associated with prescription drugs.

But, if the state of your back injury requires surgery, it will be recommended as a last resort.

Surgery might be required in cases where the curvature of your spine narrows the cavity area that surrounds your spinal nerves. This type of condition is extremely rare and almost all back pain patients recovery without the use of surgery.

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Of course, the specific type of treatment required to resolve your back pain will depend on the unique traits of your condition.

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