3 Ways Lithia Springs Chiropractors Treat Upper Back Pain

Lithia Springs Chiropractic Treats Upper Back Pain | AICA Lithia SpringsUpper back pain can be bothersome and sometimes leaves patients feeling as if they can’t breathe.

Unlike the lower back, it can be almost impossible to stretch the upper back area to find relief, meaning that patients are left looking for alternative therapies and treatments.

If you experience chronic upper back pain, schedule a consultation with an experienced Lithia Springs Chiropractor for immediate relief.

Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can originate in any number of areas; sometimes upper back pain is the result of an injury to the neck or clavicle area.

People often injure themselves through some trauma, such as holding something heavy using the incorrect posture or taking some hit in the wrong way; the injury itself doesn’t need to be major to cause a considerable amount of pain.

Here are three things to consider if you or someone you love suffers from upper back pain:

Exercise At Least Three Times Per Week

Exercise could help you regain movement and keep upper back pain at bay, although initially, it might not feel excellent.

However, most health clubs have a trainer that can help you set up an appropriate program aimed at addressing your pain issues.

Consider Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can assist in determining your problem and offer therapy and will give you techniques you can use to help relieve your back pain.

Visit A Lithia Springs Back Pain Chiropractor

Chiropractors are skilled at identifying specific areas of pain and providing treatments to help ease that pain.

It will take a course of treatments, perhaps as many as 10, before you start feeling relief, but a Chiropractor will be able to help you figure out if your upper back pain is related to other issues.

You can schedule a consultation to learn more about our approach to upper back pain treatment by filling out our online contact form or by calling us today at 404-602-0388.

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