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Common Types of Headache Conditions

  • It’s estimated that 47 percent of the adult population have experienced a headache at least once within past year.
  • Headache disorders are among the most frequently occurring diseases of the central nervous system.
  • Less than half of people with headache disorders worldwide are properly diagnosed by a health-care professional.
  • Headache disorders are associated with personal and societal burdens of disability, pain, diminished quality of life, and financial cost.
  • Throughout the world, headache disorders have been under-treated, underestimated, and under-recognized.

What Are Headache Disorders?

Headache disorders are among the most frequently occurring diseases of the central nervous system. Headaches can be painful and disabling.
They can feature a small number of primary disorders such as migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches.
Headaches can also occur secondarily or be caused by a long list of other conditions, such as headaches associated with the overuse of particular medication.

How Common Are Headache Disorders?

Globally, it has been approximated that prevalence among adults of current headache disorder (experiencing symptoms at least once within the last year) is 47 percent.
Half to three-quarters of the adults aged 18 to 65 years in the world have had a headache within the past year and among those individuals, more than 10 percent have reported migraine.
Headaches on 15 or more days each month affects 1.7–4 percent of the world’s adult populace.
Despite regional differences, headache disorders are a worldwide problem, affecting people of all races, ages, geographical areas, and income levels.

Chiropractic Treatment for Headache Disorders

There are various types of headaches.

  • Tension or contraction
  • Vascular
  • Inflammatory
  • Traction.

Which one is referred to as a migraine?
It occurs when the blood vessels in your head become compressed and then open – similar to a bent hose becoming unkinked.
Migraines are characterized by intense pain in a one or both hemispheres pf the brain, dizziness, and visual symptoms such as pain behind the eyes and blind spots.
These can also be caused by weak posture, which is an excellent reason to see a chiropractor as a part of your primary treatment.
Fevers, dehydration and low blood sugar can produce what are known as toxic headaches.
A headache caused by inflammation or muscle contraction can be the result of a sinus infection or the continual restriction of facial and neck muscles. Stroke can also be the product of such a headache, or diseases and infections in the teeth, ears, and cervical spine.

The Connection Between Chronic Headaches and Neck Conditions

To help, let’s discuss what role your neck plays.
The more your head leans forward, the more strain it places on your back. The increased weight puts more pressure on the vertebral joints – up to two or four times more pressure than your spine is designed to handle over the long term.
This is why maintaining the proper posture is important.

Treating Headaches with Lithia Springs Chiropractic Care

When you choose AICA Lithia Springa, your Chiropractor will help adjust your C1 and C2 vertebrae, which often helps the pain of a headache by decreasing the pressure on the uppermost nerves that connect to the spine.
Some of your symptoms can include a restricted range of motion in your neck. Movement in the neck can then result in a headache. Part of your treatment will be figuring out the kind of a headache that you have.
Migraines can be treated with manipulation and spinal amendments, as well as . These are advantageous when the headaches are experienced at regular intervals, as in the case of a chronic migraine.
Tension headaches are different; they may be less directly affected by manipulation, as they’re entrenched more on personal choices than genetics.
These can be altered and improved through lifestyle changes that are promoted by your Lithia Springs Chiropractor. They can take you through a whole-body wellness program that will help to decrease factors contributing to tension headaches.
Some of the methods you’ll find at AICA Lithia Springs include:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Low-load craniocervical mobilization
  • Deep neck flexing exercise.

You may also qualify for diagnostic imaging, such as MRI or X-ray.
While they don’t confirm the location or existence of headaches, they can point to their likely cause and aid the doctor in recommending the most productive treatment.
Part of this exploration may also be to look for secondary causes of the pain, such as disease or illness.
At AICA Lithia Springs, your Chiropractor may recommend seeing the physical therapist, who can help you relieve stiff joints and neck tightness. This may include low-level electrical therapy and a physical restoration plan with muscle strengthening and stretching.
Finally, some injections can help lessen the pain of headaches, such as joint pain blockers.

The Chiropractors at AICA Lithia Springs Provide Immediate Headache Relief

When you’re looking for the best treatment, call AICA Lithia Springs, and get:

  • Billing the at-fault insurance provider
  • X-ray if needed
  • Arrange transportation if you can’t move because of your accident
  • Access to Chiropractors, Orthopedic Doctors, and Physical Therapists
  • You can often get same day appointments
  • We’re open 24/7

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