Slip & Fall Injury Care in Lithia Springs, GA

Lithia Springs slip and fall accident Chiropractor is waiting to help you.
We know what it’s like – to go through an accident that you weren’t expecting.
To have doctors’ bills that you weren’t expecting. To have pain that you weren’t expecting.
That’s why our Lithia Springs Chiropractors are here – to help you get back to what you expect: care, savings, and progress.We’ll give you all three no matter what your situation, and we can assist you when you’re looking at any of these problems in the wake of a slip and fall accident:
Pain in your back, joints or your neck, also known as the cervical spine. We treat them all, and they’re the most common in addition to sprains.
But at AICA at Lithia Springs, we also do more. Our Chiropractors can help you come back after sustaining broken bones, tears in your muscles, soft tissue, lacerations and any bodily injury that’s hit you in the wake of your slip and fall.
We treat your injuries and bring you back to health.
Sure, it’s great to avoid a slip and fall, but when someone around you has been negligent and left obstacles, open ground or any other dangerous situation that has taken its toll on your life, your best option to heal is AICA Lithia Springs.
Our the integrated clinic is part of a network that stretches across greater Atlanta. We can get you any help that you need, and our operators are trained to bring you to the perfect specialist no matter what you need.

Connecting You With A Personal Injury Chiropractor and Lawyer

If you’re considering calling a lawyer, make sure you give us a call first.
Before you get embroiled in a legal web, we can probably answer your questions and bring you some peace of mind – both by dealing with your medical issues, and by advising you on the course of action that you can take with your insurance company, and of the at-fault party.

Helping You Work With Insurance Providers

Not insured? We’ve got inexpensive plans to meet any budget, so you shouldn’t think that you’ve got to wait, put off healing, or bring your future in jeopardy because you can’t afford care. At AICA Lithia Springs, we do care, and we get you the help that you need.
We also accept a variety of insurance plans. But remember, we always bill the at-fault insurance company and find out the information that can make a difference in your case.
We can’t say that every other clinic will take the care that AICA Lithia Springs does when looking into your case. We also can’t say they’ll take the same great care of you.

Free Transportation

If you can’t move because of your injuries, don’t worry about it.
We’ve got your ride waiting. If you’ve sustained a condition that doesn’t allow you to travel on your own, just give us a call, and we’ll make sure that you can make it your appointment.

Access To X-Rays and MRI Scans

Your X-rays are waiting if you need it, which you might after a slip and fall injury. So come on over to us, even if you just want a second opinion. You may have already been to the emergency room, but the hospital isn’t always the place to get fast, cheap and comprehensive care.
That’s the benefit of our network of clinics. We provide access to MRI scans to all of our patients who may need it. The MRI gives us the comprehensive care that sets AICA apart and will help speed your recovery.
Here you get the benefits of a large institution without the drawbacks of a hospital.

The Difference with AICA Lithia Springs

  • Offering you Chiropractors, Orthopedic Doctors, and specialists, as well as physical therapists and neurologists
  • We bill the at-fault insurance company
  • Help you with your medical documents that may be used in your legal case
  • Bring you ongoing, critical and holistic care after you leave the hospital
  • Get you same-day appointments when available
  • Can assess your injury with X-ray and MRI
  • Treat you with specialty devices and therapies such as cold and heat treatments, laser light and physical therapy
  • We’re available to speak with you 24/7

Now that you’ve seen the menu, it’s time to take charge of your health.
If you’ve been in an injury and are still looking for a reason to call, realize that when you don’t take care of a slip and fall ailment, you can be looking at higher medical bills and painful conditions later in life. Just because you don’t feel much pain doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.
We’re experts at finding the best way to your health, and we give you every advantage from the moment that you call, including cost-saving, competitive advantages practically nobody else in greater Lithia Springs can match.
Call now at (404) 602-0388 to speak with our slip and fall accident injury Chiropractors and to schedule a consultation.