Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Injuries

Neck injuries and chronic pain are common causes for patients to visit our Lithia Springs clinic looking for Chiropractic Treatment.
Common neck injuries like Whiplash are often very painful and can lead to a wide variety of debilitating conditions later in life, if not properly treated.
Other types of neck conditions develop more gradually and require ongoing treatment to restore complete flexibility and balance.
Regardless of the cause, if you recently injured your neck or suffer from chronic pain, contact our Lithia Springs Chiropractors to schedule a free consultation.
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Common Causes of Neck Pain and Injuries

Most patients who suffer from neck pain do so because of a sudden accident or pressure that’s built up over time.
For patients who experience a sudden car or slip and fall accident, they are subjected to a sudden force that causes their neck to lunge in multiple directions at once. This type of impact causes the tendons that surround their neck to stretch beyond their limits, while also causing soft tissue damage.
This type of neck injury is often referred to as Whiplash and requires immediate Chiropractic Treatment to prevent permanent damage.
For patients who suffer from chronic neck pain, their conditions are often caused by stress and pressure that’s built up over time.

Lithia Springs Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Injuries

Our Lithia Springs Chiropractors often treat neck injuries like Whiplash using a combination of manual adjustments to restore flexibility, heat therapy to reduce inflammation, and physical therapy to help restrengthen damaged muscles.
Each person’s neck injury is unique, which is why we require all new patients to follow through with a complete examination.
Using state of the art imaging devices like CT scans and MRIs, we can locate the source and extent of your neck injury, allowing us to determine which treatment solutions are most appropriate for your health.
Depending on the extent of your neck injury, you may require a few or ongoing Chiropractic sessions to experience a full recovery.

Contact Our Lithia Springs Chiropractors For Neck Injury Treatment

If you suffer from a neck injury like Whiplash or chronic pain, contact our Lithia Springs Chiropractors to schedule a free consultation within the week.
We help hundreds of local patients recover from various neck injuries each year and can develop a custom treatment solution that allows you to experience immediate pain relief.
Our Chiropractors are the community’s most experienced neck pain specialists, serving Lithia Springs for over 20 years. This experience allows us to provide precise treatment that allows all of our patients to return to their normal activities quickly and safely.
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