Chiropractic Treatment For Hand Injuries

Your hands are vulnerable to stress that accumulates over time based on how often you use them each day.
They are also prone to injuries sustained because of a car or slip and fall accident.
The fragility of the veins and tendons that run through your hands require a unique approach to treatment, one that relies on holistic solutions rather than surgical.
That’s why the Chiropractors at AICA Lithia Springs treat hundreds of patients each year for various hand injuries and conditions.
If you hurt your hands, regardless of the cause, contact our Lithia Springs Chiropractors for immediate support.
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Types of Hand Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

In cases where patients injure their hands as a result of a car accident, the following conditions are often treated by our Lithia Springs Chiropractors:

  • Tearing or straining of the ligaments can occur during a car accident from blunt trauma or hyperextension.
  • Many fractures can occur during a car accident, but the most common one is known as a boxer’s fracture. This fracture happens when one or more of the bones behind your knuckles break.
  • Joints can become dislocated.

Although each patient’s condition requires custom treatment, our Chiropractors often recommend immobilization techniques when treating hand injuries.

Lithia Springs Chiropractic Treatment For Complex Hand Injuries

In order to determine the best course of action for treating your hand injury, our Chiropractors will need to follow through with a complete examination in order to understand the location and depth of your condition.
Through the use of X-ray machines and MRI scans, our Chiropractors can measure the extent of your hand injury, helping them determine what type of techniques should be included in your treatment routine.
Most patients who are treated for hand injuries require a combination of manual adjustments, heat therapy, immobilization, and message.

Contact AICA Lithia Springs For Immediate Hand Injury Treatment

If you hurt your hands in a car or slip and fall accident or suffer from a chronic condition like arthritis, contact our Lithia Springs Chiropractic clinic to schedule a free consultation.
We can discuss our approach to treating hand injuries, as well as go over which treatment options may be best for your specific needs.
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