Chiropractic Treatment For Foot Injuries

Foot injuries can be difficult to treat with traditional forms of medicine, without having to resort to invasive surgical techniques.
Because of how fragile and complex the structure of your feet are, comprising of one hundred tendons, Chiropractic care serves as the most appropriate treatment solution for foot injuries.
This is because Chiropractic Treatment is designed to address musculoskeletal and soft tissue conditions, while also utilizing holistic solutions that are free of harmful side-effects.
If you sustain a foot injury as a result of an accident or experience chronic pain in one or both feet, contact our Lithia Springs Chiropractors to learn more about your treatment options.
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Heel Fractures and Foot Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Many of our patients require Chiropractic Treatment for foot injuries they sustain during a car accident.
When patients try to brace themselves for impact, they often slam their feet into the floorboard, causing bone fractures and sprained ankles.
Since feel fractures often appear similar to deep bruises, many patients don’t realize that they are in need of professional Chiropractic treatment. This delay can cause complications later in life, including:


  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Widening of back of heel
  • Pain beneath fleshy part of the heel
  • Nerve damage that feels like burning
  • Walking with a limp due to bone collapse

Chiropractic Treatment For Mid-Foot Fractures

Mid-foot fractures often consist of sprains caused by sudden trauma, usually sustained during a car or slip and fall accident.
You can tell if you have a mid-foot, or otherwise referred to as “Lisfranc” fracture, if you are unable to place any amount of weight on your injured foot.

Diagnosing Foot Injuries

At AICA Lithia Springs, our Chiropractors have direct access to best in class imaging devices that help us pinpoint the exact location of your pain.
Through the use of X-rays or MRI scans, our Chiropractors can understand the extent of your injury, allowing us to develop the most appropriate treatment solution for your specific needs.

Choose AICA Lithia Springs For Immediate Foot Pain Relief

If you injured your foot in an accident or suffer from a chronic condition that leaves you in pain on a regular basis, contact our Lithia Springs Chiropractors for immediate pain relief.
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