Your body is made up of intricate parts that all work together for your wellbeing. Yet, car accidents can leave you with injuries that follow you long after the day of the accident. Migraines and headaches, torn rotator cuff, and whiplash are all common conditions that often are a direct result of an auto accident.

You may think that the pain you’re feeling after a car accident will just go away after a few days. However, it’s more likely that the pain will stick around if you don’t treat it properly.

That makes it very important to get to a doctor as quickly as possible after a car accident. A qualified medical team can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your injuries and a treatment plan for your recovery.

Here are some of the conditions that AICA Lithia Springs is equipped to handle after a car accident.


The rapid back and forth movement of your neck is called whiplash. During a car accident whiplash can cause damage your neck.

Common damage occurs to the tendons connecting to the muscles in your neck. This damage known as a pulled or torn muscle can take a long time to heal.

Decreased range of motion, pain when you move your neck, and stiffness in your neck are all signs of whiplash. Seek treatment with ACIA Lithia Springs for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of whiplash after your car accident.


Headaches and migraines come in all shapes and sizes. Tension, cluster, sinus, and medication overuse headaches comprise the realm non-migraine headaches.

However, headaches or migraines after a car accident can be a sign of underlying problems such as a closed head injury.

Migraines are much worse than headaches and will keep you from performing routine functions in your daily life. Symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light are just a few of the reasons why migraines reduce your ability to carry out day to day tasks.

Since headaches a can come from so many causes, it is especially important to get checked out at an AICA Lithia Springs clinic after a car accident. Our state of the art MRI or CT Scan to determine exactly what is going on. AICA Lithia Springs customizes a treatment plan for you that addresses the cause of your headache.


Your rotator cuff is the name for the complex joint at your shoulder. A torn rotator cuff isn’t just a sports injury, but is also common in car accidents.

The bracing of your arms against the steering wheel forces all the impact of a car accident right into your shoulder. This has the potential to cause tearing of your rotator cuff.

Given the many parts of the rotator cuff, it is especially important to use advanced diagnostics such as MRI to determine exactly what part of the joint is damaged. Once the extent of damage is determined, physical therapists at AICA Lithia Springs will help you get full range of motion back through specific treatments as your shoulder heals.


These conditions respond well to treatment at AICA Lithia Springs. Our unique approach of total medical integration utilizes our team of licensed physical therapists, orthopedic doctors, and chiropractors to provide you with comprehensive care. All these specialties work together to make sure that you have a full recovery from your car accident.

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, waiting to seek treatment is only results in slowing down the healing process. Call AICA Lithia Springs today at 404-602-0388 to schedule a consultation.