Boost Your Fertility With Myofascial Release Therapies

Myofascial Release and Fertility | AICA Lithia SpringsFor most women who struggle with infertility or have yet to become pregnant despite trying a variety of recommendations, you might want to look into the Chiropractic technique called Myofascial Release.

While this treatment may sound intimidating at first, women who have used this technique describe the experience as a welcomed, relaxing .

Information About Myofascial Release

This particular method is considered to be an alternative medicine therapy that focuses on treating skeletal muscle immobility and discomfort, by:

Connective tissues are known as “Fascia” run throughout your entire body and appear as some intricate spider web that spreads throughout your body and keeps everything, from your organs to blood cells, connected as one solid unit.

When you are at your peak performance, your Fascia can flex in such liberal ways that your body can shift around with very little effort.

Conversely, when your body becomes inflamed or has been exposed to some condition that limits your overall mobility, your Fascia begins to restrict, tighten up, and shorten up.

This kind of condition can also cause you to feel limited in your mobility and range of motion, while also affects the health of your reproductive system.

How This Technique Can Help Improve Fertility

Your Chiropractor will offer gentle s that exert controlled force around areas of your body that have built up significant levels of tension and stress over time.

The patterns and motions that your Chiropractor applies during the are meant to release blockages within your Fascia, which allows for the recovery process to take place at a faster rate.

Our Chiropractors will use slow, controlled movements, stretches, and other physical applications to loosen the pockets of tension contained throughout the affected areas of your body.

By doing this, they can ensure that your body can return to a healthier state, while also eliminating any stress that has built up over time.

Once the Fascia becomes loosened and is ultimately released, your entire internal system can completely heal, relieving you of all pain and improving your fertility rate.

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