Improving Employee Safety

Improving Employee Safety | AICA Lithia SpringsImproving employee safety is essential in maintaining high employee confidence, avoiding legal issues, and keeping high worker’s compensation premiums at bay. Using an everyday approach in regards to employee safety can help to make your plan a part of your organizational culture.

Have Supervisors on the Front Line

Every business safety plan relies on the organization’s supervisors as they have the largest impact on how employees view the company from the inside. Supervisor actions will set the tone for staff. Some tips to consider include:

Supervisors should have formal training in corporate safety and should also be required to attend an industrial-strength safety training course. These courses will emphasize teaching a mindset in safety in order to prevent injuries at work and disasters. More advanced courses could include train-the-trainer classes so that supervisors can then go on to introduce safety precautions to employees.

Designate a Safety Officer

A safety officer should be designated in order to enforce the business’s rules regarding safety. This person or group should work to:

Get to Know OSHA and Your Insurance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compiles specific regulations regarding safety for every type of business. By utilizing these regulations, you can work to avoid potential fines and create a safer work environment.

Analyze your former workers’ compensation claims with your insurance agent and ask them for suggestions that you can use to maximize employee safety. Be proactive and don’t wait for an injury to make you create a safety plan.

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