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Chiropractic | Jan 22, 2015

Treating Asthma

Believe it or not, there are a variety of chiropractic techniques that can help bodily problems indirectly related to the spine. These include migraine headaches, muscle cramps and asthma. Asthma? It can happen. Even young people who are stuck using bronchodilator sprays, ventolin and steroids can experience gradual but evident reversals in their conditions, even […]

Chiropractic | Feb 5, 2015

How To Find Your Perfect Chiropractor

If you want to find a chiropractor in Lithia Springs, we’ve got a great check list for you. Especially if you’re someone who likes to grill a doctor when you meet for the first time…bring up this blog on your phone during the meeting, and see if the chiropractor fits! Do you like the chiropractor? […]

Chiropractic | Feb 18, 2015

What to Expect With an MRI

When you go in for a Lithia Springs MRI test, you’re going to find out more about your body than you’ve ever known before. What’s Under There? That’s because an MRI looks beneath your skin, deep inside of your tissue, and shows you what is happening in three dimensions. This is quite different than an […]

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries, Lithia Springs Accidents | Apr 2, 2015

Why to Consider Laser Therapy After Your Car Accident

In Lithia Springs the car accident therapy technique you probably haven’t tried is a laser. Not to fear, the laser isn’t going to leave welts nor is it attached to a shark. In fact it’s a harmless apparatus designed to help with pain management after an injury. While the time you’re going through post-accident can […]

Chiropractic | Apr 17, 2015

Best Exercises for Scoliosis

Many scoliosis sufferers, already experiencing pain, avoid exercise out of fear that it might cause physical damage or somehow make their condition worse. The reality is that not only is physical activity okay, but that scoliosis exercises are actually a part of treatment. Scoliosis is the official term for an abnormal curvature of the spine, […]

Chiropractic | Apr 22, 2015

Long Term Health Effects of Whiplash When Untreated by a Chiropractor in Lithia Springs

The specifics of whiplash (defined as damage to the soft tissues of the neck as a result of a sudden force causing the head to whip forward and backward) are fairly simple, but it can result in some very not-so-simple pain. Most cases of whiplash will heal on their own, but some cases can cause […]

Chiropractic | Apr 28, 2015

Most Common Conditions Chiropractors in Lithia Springs Treat

You may be suffering from some of the most common conditions chiropractors in Lithia Springs treat. If so, it behooves you to give one a call, but not before you’ve read this blog post that also tells you what you should look for in a Chiropractor.

Chiropractic | Apr 28, 2015

I Just Got Into a Car Accident in Lithia Springs, What Should I Do Now?

In metro Atlanta, traffic can be a problem and accidents are common. So it’s important to know what steps you should take before you find yourself saying, “I just got into a car accident in Lithia Springs, what should I do now?” Car accidents can be disorienting, so in addition to making sure you have […]

Chiropractic | May 1, 2015

With So Many To Choose From, How Do I Choose The Right Chiropractor In Lithia Springs?

If you’re asking: “With so many to choose from, how do I choose the right chiropractor in Lithia Springs?” This blog’s for you. Back Pain Back pain is one of the most ubiquitous ailments in America. One-quarter of adults experience it. The US rates for back surgery are five times as high as back surgery […]

Chiropractic | May 27, 2015

Three Ways Car Accident Doctors Treat Acute Back Pain In Lithia Springs

There are three ways car accident doctors treat acute back pain in Lithia Springs. While there are hundreds of accidents weekly throughout greater Atlanta, the reality is that there are a finite number of injuries that happen the majority of the time that can cause acute pain. These include back pain, Whiplash, and headaches. Chiropractic […]

Chiropractic | Jun 22, 2015

I Need A Chiropractor In Lithia Springs Right Now, Where Should I Go?

Back pain, whether it occurs suddenly or builds for years until you just can’t take it anymore, can put a lot of strain on your life. It can force you to miss work and cause your relationships to suffer, so when you decide to seek relief you need it as soon as possible. Chiropractic treatment […]

Car Accident FAQ | Jun 30, 2015

Should I Call a Lawyer or a Chiropractor After Getting Into an Accident in Lithia Springs? BOTH!

Have you had a car crash? Maybe you’re wondering: “Should I call a lawyer or a chiropractor after getting into an accident in Lithia Springs?” Both is the answer. You deserve the best treatment, and you can get it at AICA. Just call us and we can serve all of your needs. Medical and Legal. […]

Chiropractic | Jul 16, 2015

Treating Migraines with Chiropractic Care in Lithia Springs

Migraines are a nuisance. Especially after an accident when you’re dealing not just with the fallout of a crash… car repair, insurance, doctors, days away from work and physical pain… But migraines and headaches are debilitating, possibly more than many other injuries. They’re ever-present and interfere with your ability to focus on anything. That’s why […]

Accident Recovery | Jul 29, 2015

3 Biggest Mistakes Lithia Springs Residents Make After a Car Accident

Check out the three biggest mistakes Lithia Springs residents make after a car accident, which can cost you in pain and money. (In case you don’t consider losing money and pain the same thing.) #1. Don’t collect the right data. After you’ve been in a car accident in Lithia Springs – whether it’s a fender-bender or […]

Chiropractic | Oct 26, 2015

Here’s Why You Need To Schedule A Visit With Your Local Lithia Springs Chiropractor

Our team of fully-accredited Chiropractors sees hundreds of returning patients and connect with even more new ones each and every year. There are dozens of reasons why our patients come to us, while the types of treatments we use and the frequency of visits we recommend are unique to each’s condition. Whether you need to […]

Back Pain, Chiropractic | Nov 12, 2015

Back Pain Treatment Available In Lithia Springs, GA

Approximately 80% of American citizens suffer will from some form of back pain throughout the course of their lifetime. The concept of back pain is ambiguous in nature since the particular connection of your pain, and its actual source might not be clear, even with the use of an X-ray and a complete account of […]

Chiropractic | Dec 7, 2015

9 Great Reasons Why Patients Should Visit A Lithia Springs Chiropractor

There are a large variety of reasons why patients visit one of our Lithia Springs Chiropractors that go far beyond relieving back pain. Reasons To Visit A Lithia Springs Chiropractor Here are nine great reasons you should schedule an examination with one of our Lithia Springs Chiropractors. Migraine Relief and Prevention: The Journal of Vertebral […]

Chiropractic | Dec 11, 2015

Chiropractic Treatment and Techniques Available To Patients In Lithia Springs

There are a wide variety of techniques our Lithia Springs Chiropractors use to treat conditions that range from frequent headaches to immobilizing back pain. The AICA Lithia Springs Difference If you’re new to the community and/or have never visited a Chiropractor before, it’s important to understand the type of treatment options that exist for patients […]

Myofascial Release | Dec 14, 2015

Boost Your Fertility With Myofascial Release Therapies

For most women who struggle with infertility or have yet to become pregnant despite trying a variety of recommendations, you might want to look into the Chiropractic technique called Myofascial Release. While this treatment may sound intimidating at first, women who have used this technique describe the experience as a welcomed, relaxing .

Chiropractic, Weight Loss | Dec 17, 2015

Lose Weight In 2016 With The Help of Chiropractic Care

The New Year always brings about a number of resolutions for people who are interested in making positive changes in their life. A report released by the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, 62 percent of Americans make personal resolutions to improve themselves in some shape or form. Interestingly enough, the most popular or […]