5 Most Commonly Broken Bones in Car Accidents

Jun 9, 2021

5-most-commonly-broken-bones-in-car-accidentsUnfortunately, it is extremely common to get injured in a car accident. The type of injury and severity can depend on how the cars collided, whether you were in the front seat or back seat and if you had on your seat belt. Many people are surprised to find out how what seemed like a small fender-bender can actually lead to a painful injury like a broken bone! All it takes is a strong force of impact to knock you around and cause a broken bone. While you may not choose to go to the doctor for things like scrapes, cuts, and bruises after a car accident, if you are experiencing any pain then you want to find a car accident doctor right away. When you search online for a “car accident doctor near me,” you want to find a doctor who specializes in car accident injuries who can help you heal correctly from a broken bone.

What’s the Difference Between a Broken Bone and a Fracture?

If you went to the emergency room or urgent care after the car accident, then you might have been told you have a fracture. A fracture is the medical term for what is more commonly referred to as a broken bone. There are many types of fractures, from hairline fractures that look like a teeny crack but can lead to serious issues, or a compound fracture where the bone has actually broken through your skin. Your body is made up of over 200 bones, so a fracture can occur anywhere depending on how the car accident affected you.

How Does a Broken Bone Happen in a Car Accident?

Broken bones can happen in a car accident for a number of reasons. While many people expect the seat belt to keep them safe in the event of a car accident, its number one priority is actually to prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle. When you wear your seat belt properly, it helps to hold your shoulders, chest, and upper body in place. However, it can’t keep your extremities or your head and neck from getting jostled around. The airbags are also there to help cushion the blow in the event of a more serious impact with another car and can also help keep an arm or leg from colliding with part of your car, like the steering wheel or dashboard.

5 Most Frequently Broken Bones in a Car Accident

Here are examples of the 5 most frequently broken bones in a car accident:

Facial Bones

The bones in your face are more delicate than bones in other parts of your body, which can make them more susceptible to injury. Natural instinct will tell your hands and arms to protect your head and face when something is heading your way, but you can’t always anticipate a car accident. When you don’t have time to react fast enough to protect your face, you might hit your forehead, cheek, or nose on part of the vehicle and cause a break.

The Clavicle

The clavicle is the medical name for what people more commonly refer to as the collarbone. A collarbone a common accident injury because of how the seat belt crosses your body from shoulder to hip. While the primary job of the seat belt is to protect you, it can also unintentionally lead to damage, especially if worn improperly. If the force of impact with the other vehicle is great enough, it can cause you to strain against your seat belt. When too much pressure is placed on the collarbone, it can lead to a fracture.

The Sternum

The sternum is also more commonly known as the breastbone. The breastbone is where your ribs connect together in the middle of your chest. A fracture to the sternum can occur if you strain against the seat belt or if you weren’t restrained and hit your chest forcefully against part of the vehicle.

Arm & Leg Bones

Arm and leg bones are also susceptible to fracture because they are not held down by anything during a crash. Your arms might flail around and contact with the window or part of the car can lead to a break. If significant vehicle damage occurs, it may pin part of your legs and also lead to a break.

If you’ve suffered a broken bone after a car accident in Lithia Springs, the car accident doctors near me at AICA Orthopedics can help provide you with comprehensive treatment and care.


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