How to Take Care of Yourself After a Car Accident

Jul 1, 2021

Getting into a car accident can be such a stressful and even scary experience for anyone. A car accident can cause such shock and even be a traumatic event for many people. This can leave a lasting impact on you both physically and emotionally in the days and weeks afterward. When you are in a traumatic experience like a car accident, your body gets a jolt of adrenaline that jumpstarts your fight-or-flight response and helps you better handle such an event. However, the adrenaline can also keep you from recognizing pain or other symptoms of an injury right away. Talk to your Lithia Springs car accident doctor as soon as you can about your car accident experience and schedule an appointment to be proactive about your health and well-being.

How a Car Accident Impacts Physical and Emotional Well-Being

The aftermath of a car accident can be stressful enough without adding on a car accident injury like whiplash, a back injury, or a broken bone. While you can recognize scrapes, cuts, and even some broken bones right away, other injuries can be trickier to recognize. In addition to adrenaline, the shock and stress of the accident can mask signs and symptoms of a car accident injury. It can take hours or even days for you to start experiencing symptoms of certain car accident injuries, like the common injury of whiplash. The added stress of dealing with insurance companies, filling out paperwork, and taking your car to the auto mechanic can take a toll on your mental health as well.

3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself After a Car Accident

When it comes to managing your physical and emotional well-being after a car accident, there are many things you can do to take care of yourself. Here are 3 ways to do so after a stressful event like a car accident:

Put Your Health and Well-Being First

Once you get home after a car accident you might experience a rush of relief and also tiredness. It is common to experience fatigue and excessive sleepiness after a stressful event, no matter whether not you were also injured. Pay attention to signs and signals from your body, like calls for rest, and make time to intentionally rest in the days and weeks afterward as you heal. It also helps to focus on healthy eating and drinking habits so that your body gets plenty of water and nutrients flowing to damaged and injured areas. Staying hydrated and eating healthy also supports your general health and well-being no matter what you are experiencing at the time.

See a Car Accident Doctor As Soon As Possible

Visit a car accident doctor as soon as you can after you have been in a car accident. Many car accident injuries are known as hidden injuries because their symptoms can take time to fully appear. In fact, you may not start to experience any serious signs or symptoms for hours or even days afterward. Car accident doctors know how to assess you for injuries you might not realize yet, or help you determine the root cause of headache pain or sore and stiff muscles after a car accident. Car accident doctors also use state-of-the-art technologies to support an appropriate diagnosis, including diagnostic imaging tools like X-rays and CT scans. You will want to see a doctor who specializes in these kinds of complex injuries that can come with delayed symptoms.

Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

One of the best ways you can take care of yourself after you have been injured in a car accident is to follow your treatment plan. When you meet with a doctor who specializes in car accident injuries, they will develop an individualized treatment plan that is specific to you and your needs so you can achieve a full recovery. Following through with any recommendations and at-home remedies or stretches will support your treatment process and help you avoid any long-term complications from your injuries. Common car accident injuries that are not treated right away or properly can create problems down the road, like chronic pain and even arthritis.

At AICA Orthopedics in Lithia Springs, our team of car accident doctors is made up of orthopedic specialists, neurologists, chiropractors, and physical therapists who all work together to provide you with quality, comprehensive care. Visit a Lithia Springs car accident doctor at AICA to support your healing and recovery from a car accident.


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