Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a Chiropractor?

Oct 14, 2020

Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a ChiropractorIf you decide to visit a Lithia Springs chiropractor for the first time, it’s likely because you are suffering from some sort of pain or discomfort and have heard that you may find relief. While that’s true, you may be surprised to learn that a chiropractic adjustment can sometimes cause more pain before you begin to feel relief. However, the phenomenon of feeling sore after an adjustment is very common and should be expected. Don’t let this stop you from seeing a car accident doctor in Lithia Springs, as it is just a step towards healing! Keep reading to learn some of the reasons you may feel sore and why it can be beneficial.

Muscles That Aren’t Used Often Are Stimulated

While an adjustment focuses on your spine, the corrections that are made to your alignment actually change which muscles are active at any given time. This means that muscles you don’t use often are roused for the first time in a period. You can think of this like trying a new exercise- even if you do squats every day without feeling sore, lifting weights will make your arms hurt the first time!

One of the ways that adjustments benefit the body is by stimulating inactive or inhibited muscle groups, allowing your body to balance the stress it carries and recalibrate.

Muscles Used Often Are Balanced

When inactive muscles are re-engaged by a chiropractic adjustment, the muscles that have been picking up the slack are also shifting. These muscles will likely not be sore after an adjustment, and may even feel relief. If there is any soreness, it will likely be the kind you feel when you finally rest after exerting yourself.

Your Body Is Adjusting to Realignment

Ultimately, your body is most comfortable when it is aligned well- it wants to be in proper alignment! However, this shift does not happen overnight and may be painful. It’s similar to when your teeth are crooked and require braces. As your teeth begin to adjust to the right positions, your mouth will be sore. Even though your teeth didn’t hurt before braces, they were not in the right place, and once they shift there, you will likely have fewer issues.

This is one reason that recurring treatment by a car accident doctor in Lithia Springs is important. The more misaligned your body becomes, the harder it will be to return it to the proper state. Adjustments over time keep your spine straight and prevent pain going forward.

Your Misalignment Isn’t New

When something is off in your spine, the body usually does its best to accommodate for the misalignment. You may even be so used to it that you no longer feel daily pain as a result of the issue. But just because you aren’t feeling pain, doesn’t mean there isn’t damage being caused. In fact, your body is usually compensating in ways that can cause other problems in the future.

When the misalignment has been consistent, you are more likely to feel sore as your body has done more to accommodate. You can think of it as your spine breaking old, bad habits and learning new ones.

Easing Pain After an Adjustment

If you do feel worse in the immediate aftermath of your adjustment, you can treat it in the way you would any other sore muscles. The good news is this pain will typically not last more than 24 to 48 hours.

One of the best ways to help with sore muscles is by applying moist heat to the area. This lets your muscles and joints relax and heal more quickly. Taking a bath or soaking the affected area in Epson salt can also help with relaxation.

Your chiropractor will likely have tips for dealing with the pain that you can ask them about if you are concerned. Knowing where you are sore may help them develop more specialized treatment going forward.

A Gentle Approach in Lithia Springs

At AICA Lithia Springs, our goal is to help all of our patients reach their goal of a pain-free life and the ability to complete daily activities. Our chiropractors will perform thorough physical exams along with spinal adjustments to determine the root cause of your pain and create a treatment plan that is individualized to meet your specific needs. In addition to chiropractors, our office provides access to pain management specialists, physical therapists, and car accident doctors in Lithia Springs. Call today to schedule your first appointment and begin moving towards proper alignment today!


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