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Kids Need Chiropractic Care After Auto Accidents Too

May 4, 2021

Kids Need Chiropractic Care After Auto Accidents TooCar seats and booster seats for kids are safer than ever, and we know parents do their best to find the safest options on the market because you always put your kids’ well-being first. However, no matter how much you may try, you can’t protect your children from every injury, and that goes for auto accident injuries too. You can invest in the best car seat out there and your child may still get injured, so it helps to have a plan for who you want to treat yourself and your children in the event of a car accident. Consider a Lithia Springs chiropractor near you who can provide you and your family with natural and safe treatment for a wide variety of car accident injuries.

How Kids Can Become Injured in an Auto Accident

Modern car seats now have five-point harnesses and cushioning that help provide more protection and support for children, especially in the case of a car accident. Booster seats for older children have seat belt supports that help make seat belts more effective for smaller bodies. And yet, children can still be injured in a car accident due to the force of the accident as well as from any debris.

Kids are perhaps most susceptible to injury from side-impact accidents, which tend to be rarer than the fender-bender or rear-end collision. A rear-end collision can cause whiplash injury as well as head and spine injuries to both children and adults. Children are also susceptible to injuries from their seat belts and harnesses because of how tightly they work to restrain their bodies from too much movement.

The Effects of a Car Accident on Kids

Car accidents are stressful experiences for everyone involved, but especially for children. The event can be traumatic for children and can lead to emotional responses like acting out or fear of getting back in the car. In addition to physical injuries, the stress and trauma of an auto accident can also cause children to experience difficulty sleeping, having nightmares, and even wetting the bed. Talk to your doctor about how your child may be acting or feeling after the car accident and learn more about how their age and development can play a part in the way they respond to a car accident.

If your child is injured in an auto accident, the most common injuries from accidents tend to be mild scrapes and bruises. The bruising tends to occur around where the straps of the harness are located across the shoulders, chest, and waist. The straps can also cause scrapes and burns depending on where they were located on your child’s body at the time of the accident. In severe cases, bruising and damage to the chest and internal organs can occur. Head, neck, and spine injuries can also occur because the head and neck are not restrained like the upper body is by the seat belt or harness.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries

Lithia Springs chiropractors provide natural, non-invasive treatment options for all types of car accident injuries for people of all ages. If you’ve been injured in an accident and are experiencing pain, chiropractic offers a drug-free approach to pain management so you can avoid strong medications with tricky side effects. Chiropractic care is great for auto accident injuries because of how these injuries tend to affect the head, neck, spine, and musculoskeletal structure.

Lithia Springs chiropractors don’t just treat the spine; they actually address a wide variety of injuries and issues that affect the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and other tissues in the body. The most common car accident injury is whiplash and can affect both children and adults. A whiplash injury can damage the spine in your neck and upper back, as well as your neck muscles and nearby nerves.

Chiropractic Care for Kids after a Car Accident

If you are looking for a safe and non-invasive approach to treating your kids, then check out chiropractic care. A chiropractor can assess how your child’s growing body has been affected by a traumatic event like an auto accident and help resolve any misalignments that may keep their body from growing and healing effectively. Chiropractic adjustments are safe and gentle, and they are even beneficial for other aspects of health and well-being like stress relief, pain relief, and strengthening the spine.

Visit AICA Orthopedics in Lithia Springs to meet with our highly skilled team of car accident doctors and see how a Lithia Springs chiropractor can help you and your kids heal from an auto accident.


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