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Most Common Conditions Chiropractors in Lithia Springs Treat

Apr 28, 2015

Most Common Conditions Treated in Lithia Springs | AICA Lithia SpringsYou may be suffering from some of the most common conditions chiropractors in Lithia Springs treat.

If so, it behooves you to give one a call, but not before you’ve read this blog post that also tells you what you should look for in a Chiropractor.

Common Conditions AICA Lithia Springs Treats

There are a large variety of medical conditions our Lithia Springs Chiropractors treat on a regular basis. Some of the more common injuries or conditions we treat include:

Back pain

This is first on the list of complaints that chiropractors typically receive.

There are millions of cases of back pain every year – and many are quite serious – or at least we’ve begun treating them seriously.

Consider: The number of cases of spinal fusion operations jumped 137 percent from 1998 to 2008…

… From 174,223 operations to 413,171 operations.

That’s a lot of fusion. Especially when you consider that perhaps only 5 percent of people who enter a clinic complaining of back pain are in true need of a surgery.

Back pain comes in a variety of forms – but the most common is pain in the lower, or lumbar spine, which carries the most weight of your body and is given the least amount of support.

People with well developed core muscles are less likely to experience pain in their lower back.

Neck pain is also common, especially among people who angle their necks in unnatural positions for many hours each day, and again, who don’t exercise.

One of the advantages to look for when choosing a chiropractor is not just getting one who will crack your back, but who will work with you on posture and exercise.

Nutrition is great, but if your back is hurting it’s only part of the problem and not necessarily where you need to expend time and money.

Neck Pain

This is particularly the case after an accident when the neck is often strained from whiplash or a strong movement.

However, anyone can experience neck pain when the head is improperly held for a long time.

And where there is neck pain, there may also be…


This is the last condition, and it’s ripe territory for your chiropractor as 80 percent of headaches are traced to the cervical spine, or neck.

The nerves that are running from the head run through your neck, as does a direct blood supply to the head that is stitched through the vertebrae.

If your neck isn’t working properly, you may be getting headaches that can be helped by a chiropractor who is skilled in manipulating the sensitive structures of the cervical spine.

Make sure that your Chiropractor is, because there are more complications that can occur when working with the neck. While rare, they do happen, and you’ll need to be apprised of the risks in cervical manipulation.

However, you should also be appraised of the risks of using traditional medicines, and feel to weigh your options with a competent Chiropractor.


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