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Three Ways Car Accident Doctors Treat Acute Back Pain In Lithia Springs

May 27, 2015

Car Accident Doctor in Lithia Springs | AICA Lithia SpringsThere are three ways car accident doctors treat acute back pain in Lithia Springs.

While there are hundreds of accidents weekly throughout greater Atlanta, the reality is that there are a finite number of injuries that happen the majority of the time that can cause acute pain.

These include back pain, Whiplash, and headaches. Chiropractic care can treat all of this conditions that often creep in after an accident.

The first way is through Chiropractic care for back pain.

Lithia Springs Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

The Chiropractor will conduct an investigation into your injuries and the general state of your spine.

Depending on the severity of your injury, Chiropractic treatment will take some visits – with a higher frequency earlier on in the treatment. The goal of these visits is to realign your injured tissue and vertebrae gradually.

You may have pulled muscles. Your Lithia Springs Chiropractor can treat these by lessening the amount of inflammation and easing the strain on them.

Late Onset Pain

Sometimes you’ll be feeling the immediate effect of an accident. Cuts, bruises and bangs to your body. Once the shock of it goes away, or sometimes even after some days, you’ll realize that you’re in pain somewhere else – your neck or your back.

These are usually cases of soft tissue injury. The impact of a crash on your body is usually exacted on your tissues, ligaments, tendons, and muscles or joints. Bone injuries are rarer in accidents.

MRI & Soft Tissue Injury

The problem is that most doctors are not going to give you the full treatment that you need. If you’ve been to the emergency room, you probably didn’t get an MRI. However, the MRI is the best way to find damage that has happened to your soft tissue.

X-ray is not a substitute. So if you’ve been in an accident and you’re feeling pain, make sure that you find a chiropractic office or an orthopedist that will offer you an MRI.


When your neck has been injured in an accident, you’ll feel pain and have limited movement when you try to rotate your head. The chiropractor will provide you with treatment that may include traction and a neck brace.


About 80 percent of headaches are caused by problems in your cervical spine, or neck. When it gets hyperextended in an accident, one of the effects is headaches.

Consider that much of the blood flowing into your brain is brought through the vertebral arteries. These are arteries that travel through holes in your neck bones. When you strain your neck, these arteries can be twisted, and that may affect the blood flow and headaches.

Additionally, your nerves flow down from your neck to your limbs, and these can be affected by an accident injury to your cervical spine.

Look for a Chiropractor in Lithia Springs who is trained and experienced in accident injury care, and you can likely find help for the three problems of back, neck and headache pain.


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