What Doctor to See After a Car Accident

Dec 6, 2020

What Doctor to See After a Car AccidentWhen you’ve gotten injured in a car accident you might wonder which kind of doctor can help you best. When it comes to treatment for whiplash it is important to avoid doctors who promise a one-size-fits-all treatment and instead look for doctors who will focus on you and your specific whiplash symptoms and injury. Doctors who specialize in treating car accident injuries like whiplash have the knowledge and skill to diagnose and treat a variety of car accident injuries. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on what doctor to see after a car accident.

Emergency Care after an Accident

If paramedics are called to the scene of the accident, they can offer a quick but thorough assessment of how your body may have been impacted and treat any cuts and scrapes that need immediate attention. If they suspect you have a more serious injury they may even recommend you go to the emergency room. Paramedics and emergency room doctors help to identify immediate and obvious injuries you got from a car accident, but the treatment process will be handled separately. However, it still important that you allow emergency care providers to check you out for more serious injuries that might not be apparent right away so you have a better idea of how you may be affected.

Treatment Options with a Car Accident Specialist

Car accident injuries like whiplash are tricky because sometimes the shock and stress of the accident can actually mask pain symptoms. You might not even develop symptoms of whiplash until hours or even days after the accident. Doctors who specialize in car accident injuries and treatment for whiplash understand the complex timing of whiplash symptoms and know what to look for to determine the appropriate diagnosis. Common symptoms of whiplash include headaches, neck pain, back pain, tingling or numbness, and sore or stiff muscles. If you begin to experience any of these symptoms shortly after getting in a car accident then you want to see a car accident doctor as soon as possible.

Car accident specialists who develop individualized treatment plans for whiplash will use therapies and techniques that address your current symptoms and help manage your specific level of pain. You may experience headaches, neck pains, and back pains primarily, but you can also harm your shoulders and lead to nerve pain. Treatment for whiplash may include managing your headache pain, soothing and strengthening sore or strained muscles, and addressing any damage to the vertebrae in your spine.

Chiropractic Care with Treatment for Whiplash

Chiropractors are a great option when you need treatment for whiplash because they focus on your whole body, how it may be affected by an injury, and how to help your body function at its best again. It’s important to know how to pick a good chiropractor because when it comes to chiropractic treatment for whiplash, a chiropractor doesn’t just work on your spine. They will actually use a combination of chiropractic techniques like adjustments and massage to soothe your aching muscles, realign your spine, and relieve pressure on your nerves. When your muscles are stiff and sore it can make it difficult to turn your head and this can be incredibly painful. A chiropractor will use techniques to encourage healthy blood flow to the area so your muscles can begin to heal and better support your spine.

Chiropractors are most commonly known for adjusting the spine, and when you have a whiplash injury it often affects the vertebrae in your neck. A chiropractor will manually assess your spine and identify any vertebrae that may be out of place. Gentle adjustment techniques may be used to help realign these vertebrae and help restore proper posture. This allows for your body to function at its best and for your brain to communicate to the rest of your body. Any vertebrae or discs that separate them that are slightly out of place can press on nearby nerves and cause tingling, numbness, and nerve pain. Adjustments and other chiropractic techniques can help relieve this pain.

Multi-Specialty Approach for Whiplash

When it comes to comprehensive treatment for whiplash, consider a team of car accident doctors who offer a multi-specialty approach to your care. At AICA Orthopedics in Lithia Springs, the team of car accident specialists includes chiropractors, physical therapists, pain management specialists, and neurologists who will all work together to ensure you are receiving the best treatment for your whiplash injury.


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