What to Do About Stomach Pain and Diarrhea After an Accident

Feb 20, 2021

What to Do About Stomach Pain and Diarrhea After an AccidentIf you’ve recently been in a car accident, you are probably on the lookout for common symptoms like neck pain, soreness, headaches, or swelling due to various injuries. However, there are other conditions that may have less common symptoms. Bodies often react to trauma in unexpected ways that you may not realize are related to your accident. Stomach pain and diarrhea in the aftermath of a car accident can be signs of more serious internal injuries and should always be evaluated by a car accident doctor in Lithia Springs.

Common Causes of Abdominal Pain

One of the main risks to the abdomen in a car accident is a condition known as “Seat Belt Syndrome.” While seat belts are always a good idea, they can have some side effects. In this case, the body is pushed against the seatbelt upon impact and the body reacts to this pressure. This can vary from very mild to very severe, sometimes causing only bruises or cuts to the abdomen. But in more serious cases, Seat Belt Syndrome can cause damage to the internal organs, fractures to the chest, or obstructions to the bowels.

Internal bleeding is one of the biggest concerns when Seat Belt Syndrome occurs. If there is enough pressure created to rupture an organ, it can begin to bleed in large quantities, leading the abdominal cavity to quickly fill with blood. This itself can be fatal, in addition to causing infections that worsen the condition quickly. The damaged organs will eventually begin to fail, making this a common cause of death related to abdominal trauma.

Even when internal bleeding hasn’t occurred, Seat Belt Syndrome can also cause damage to the kidney or liver, bowel obstructions, intestinal inflammation, and traumatic appendicitis. Other organs that are in danger of damage are the spleen and pancreas.

In cases where Seat Belt Syndrome isn’t the issue, you may be experiencing abdominal symptoms in reaction to other conditions. Spinal misalignments and trauma to the body can cause systems to breakdown, leading to diarrhea and other stomach issues.

Delayed Symptoms of Abdominal Trauma

While most injuries happen in the moment of the car crash, symptoms do not always appear immediately. When a traumatic event happens, your body immediately begins to produce adrenaline in response, which can mask pain and other symptoms. You may also go into shock as a result of the accident, which can prevent you from noticing obvious injuries. However, feeling good in this time period does not mean that internal damage has not been done. It may be hours or even days before you start to notice signs of the damage.

Because you may not know right away that you have been injured, it is important to visit a car accident doctor in Lithia Springs as quickly as possible. They will give you information on what you should expect physically after your accident. This allows you to identify any serious injuries even before symptoms appear and treat them quickly. While it is not uncommon to experience stomach and bowel-related symptoms, ruling out things like Seat Belt Syndrome can allow you to proceed without worrying about life-threatening problems occurring.

What to Do When You Experience Symptoms

If you do begin to experience any abdominal symptoms before you’ve been examined, you will want to seek medical care as quickly as possible. If you have suffered from something serious like internal bleeding, time can be of the essence and treatment may need to take place immediately. Even if this is not the case, the sooner you are able to identify the root cause, the sooner you will be able to begin healing and prevent the condition from worsening. In order to get an accurate diagnosis, your doctor may ask about symptoms, perform a physical examination, and send you for advanced diagnostic imaging. It is also important to get early documentation of your symptoms and injuries for any insurance claims or legal action you may file.

Some symptoms may indicate an abdominal injury that has gone unnoticed. Headaches, stiffness in the neck, confusion, shortness of breath, light-headedness, blood in the stool or urine, or low blood pressure all indicate you should seek medical care immediately.

When looking for a car accident doctor in Lithia Springs, AICA Lithia Springs takes a comprehensive approach to your care. Our specialists will be able to perform examinations and diagnostic imaging to help get you an accurate diagnosis. From there, our doctors work as a team to create a holistic recovery plan for your specific injuries and concerns. If you have recently been in an accident, contact AICA Lithia Springs today for your initial evaluation.


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