Why to Consider Laser Therapy After Your Car Accident

Apr 2, 2015

In Lithia Springs the car accident therapy technique you probably haven’t tried is a laser. Not to fear, the laser isn’t going to leave welts nor is it attached to a shark. In fact it’s a harmless apparatus designed to help with pain management after an injury.

While the time you’re going through post-accident can be quite difficult and stressful, the first thing you need to do is manage your medical care. Choosing a clinic that can focus on all of your needs is important, and one of these needs includes comprehensive care. At your local chiropractic office you should find an array of state of the art techniques and technologies that are available to help you. While you won’t find many therapeutic techniques in your primary care doctor’s office, you will find them in medical practices that specialize in after accident care.

Laser Treatment | AICA Lithia Springs

Laser therapy can treat a lot of ailments. These include headaches, whiplash and back pain, as well as damage to the discs and numbness or tingling. The laser is actually painless and of course it’s drug , which means you’ll be giving your body the best chance to recover from pain without undue intervention.

The low level laser is also called a cold laser. Using different frequencies of infrared light across injuries and wounds, the soft tissue damage that you’ve experienced is made to lessen through the excitement of cells through the laser light, essentially speeding up their natural healing process and helping processes in the body that are similar to photosynthesis in plants. This is accomplished through the fibroblast development in the body’s cells, which are the molecular structures that help create new tissue. Additionally, collagen is another product that the laser facilitates, which is good for building tissue after an injury. This can mitigate the pain, prickliness and numb sensations that are present in the nerves after an automobile accident.

Cold laser therapy can be used in tandem with other techniques, and at a chiropractor with in house and physical therapy can be a welcome addition to your overall healing. The speed at which tissue can be generated through the application of a laser can also help stop scar tissue from occurring at the site of an injury, which will lessen the amount of chronic pain a patient will later feel.

Seek out your local chiropractor and ask if they offer laser therapy. Other techniques that you should look for include and physical therapy, which are all necessary to really recover from an accident.


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