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How To Find Your Perfect Chiropractor

Feb 5, 2015

If you want to find a chiropractor in Lithia Springs, we’ve got a great check list for you. Especially if you’re someone who likes to grill a doctor when you meet for the first time…bring up this blog on your phone during the meeting, and see if the chiropractor fits!

Do you like chiropractor?

While this may not be the most important thing, if it’s totally absent, you won’t be happy. Going to the doctor is an intimate experience under any circumstances. The subject is you, and you’ve got to be happy with the treatment that you get.

Ask about values

Is the chiropractor more involved in the medicinal model of care, or the holistic model? If you’re more comfortable with straight medicine, make sure your chiropractor is, too. And if you’re less comfortable with that, and attracted to alternative remedies and techniques, you should be able to find a doctor who will support you and offer services that reflect that outlook. Much of it is based on training. Much of it is based on personality.

Ask about experience

Here is where you’ll want to ask your friends or check online about the way people experience this particular doctor. Getting referrals is popular for cars and handbags – there’s no reason it shouldn’t be relied on, in part, for your doctor. It’s a way to find out how someone behaves and their ability…for good or ill.

Here you can also learn about the style of the doctor. Is she curt or will she let you go on about your condition, your health, or what you made for dinner last night? Some doctors are very type A – they’re doctors after all. And some will be quite happy to have a fun patient, especially over the long haul. Speaking of which, if you do click, find out if your chiropractor is eligible to be your Primary Care Physician.

Then you can go all of the time for cheap.

Ask about the treatment style

Some doctors of chiropractic use their hands exclusively. And some use instruments like the activator, which delivers a set amount of pressure on a joint to move it slightly. Ask about the differences and your doctor’s preference.

Ask about your health condition

If you’ve got a health condition that you’re concerned about, does the doctor have experience with it? What will be the doctor’s recommendations on treatment, and how do they sound to you? If you’re not sure, go and get a second opinion. Here you can also go online and get answers to this and other questions that you may have on social media sites.


Chiropractors are covered by most health insurance plans. Not every doctor of chiropractic, however, will be covered. Check to see if your insurance will handle the treatment, and if your treatment itself is considered one that your insurance will cover. An acute condition is more likely to be covered than upkeep.


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