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Treating Asthma

Jan 22, 2015

Believe it or not, there are a variety of chiropractic techniques that can help bodily problems indirectly related to the spine. These include migraine headaches, muscle cramps and asthma.

Asthma? It can happen. Even young people who are stuck using bronchodilator sprays, ventolin and steroids can experience gradual but evident reversals in their conditions, even those that are severe.

The scourge of asthma attacks are debilitating, and yet the chiropractic counter attack, while not widely known, is a great line of resistance for those who have tried it with success. Currently there are studies of its efficacy being conducted in Australia. Concerning that study, Dr. Anthony Rosner says: “The preliminary data are very encouraging. Chiropractic patients are showing decreases in physical asthma symptoms and cortisol levels.”

It’s worth trying for anyone who is suffering with difficulty breathing. Especially the young. Parents should know the potential benefits of taking their children to a chiropractor for a general adjustment to curtail debilitating asthma.

How Does It Work?

Not a quick solution – but it can be a solution, especially in a case where a person is less interested in invasive medical procedures, chemical sprays and steroids.

It can be that cases which begin when a patient is a youth, are the most responsive to spinal treatment.

At it’s heart, the initial evaluation is concerned with restoring the normative function of the joints in the back. That will affect the well-being of the nervous system, which can change the functioning of the lungs and asthma symptoms.

Remember, this isn’t usually a quick solution. To regain spinal mobility and strength to the nervous system, there will be regular check ups, perhaps weekly, to make sure the patient is on track.

If there is an improvement, that shouldn’t mitigate the normal routine of medications. That is something that needs to be discussed with the original prescribing doctor.

One issue that chiropractors have seen is recurrent in patients dealing with asthma is displacement within the thoracic spine. That’s the upper part, and specifically a bend out of place between the scapulae. This can solve different problems within the body, and one of them is asthma.

How Long Does It Take?

If a person has any abnormalities in the spine – anywhere from the neck down to the pelvis, there could be improvement to asthma with gradual adjustment.

Try a month of treatment, once a week, and there may well be improvement in the patient’s breathing, or a lessening of the worst of the asthmatic symptoms.

After another two weeks, there could be a continual reduction of negative symptoms, and if the prescribing doctor agrees, a contingent lessening of medication. Still, it will be a number of months – perhaps half a year with twice weekly appointments, before the asthma is reduced to a low level.

Most people would say that’s a good outcome – certainly a case of severe asthma, or any one that someone is interested in alternative treatment to reverse, is worth the early visits to the chiropractor.


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