Safe Alternatives To Pain Management For Expectant Mothers

Mar 25, 2020

Safe Alternatives To Pain Management For Expectant Mothers | AICA Lithia SpringsPregnancy brings about a wide array of changes to a woman’s body and can add pressure to the spine and added stress to the spinal nerves causing a multitude of problems. Our elite team is highly qualified to treat and meet the needs of pregnant women.

A healthy way to manage changes in the body during pregnancy, and seek support, is to collaborate with a chiropractor. These approaches are not beneficial, but safe for both mom and baby.

Should I Consider Chiropractic Care While Pregnant?

Many expectant mothers are often asking “Can you see a chiropractor while pregnant?” or “Is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant?”.


When looking for chiropractors, research those who specialize or have extensive experience in treating expectant mothers. These professionals are current on research as well as the most up to date techniques that prove to be most effective.

Pregnancy is a pivotal point in a woman’s life. You need to be very careful and conscious about your routine and habits.

How A Lithia Springs Chiropractor Can Help

A woman’s body undergoes many changes throughout pregnancy, and seeking care from a chiropractor can be a safe and natural approach to managing the aches and pains of pregnancy. Our Lithia Springs chiropractors treat a variety of different ailments an expectant mother can endure.

Back Pain

As weeks go on, and the belly gets more significant, your growing healthy baby can be adding stress to the back and leave you feeling some discomfort. Severe back pain can occur in some cases, and as the body continues to change, poor posture can put you at an increased risk for back pain.

With pregnancy comes stress, added hormones, weight gain, and other factors that may contribute to back pain.

Pelvic Pain

The pelvis is a large bone that is located at the bottom of the spine. It gives support to your thorax and abdomen and connects them to your legs. With growing a baby, the pelvis must adapt for birth, and pelvic girdle pain can occur. This results when hormones prepare the body for delivery.

As the pelvis adapts and changes for delivery, it may become overstretched, which can cause a misalignment in the pelvis.


The baby continues to grow larger and larger week after week, which can create extra pressure on the spine, compressing the sciatic nerve. When this happens, pain and numbness can present.

Posture is a critical factor in managing a healthy spine during pregnancy. With spinal adjustments, the spine can be correctly positioned, giving an expectant mother a great deal of relief.

Visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy can help avoid having breached babies or cesarean delivery.

Controls Pregnancy Symptoms

Aside from providing pain management, chiropractic care offers other health benefits to an expectant mother. That morning sickness you wish would dissipate, chiropractors can help! A chiropractor can also manage joint and neck pain endured through pregnancy.

Decreases Labor and Delivery Time

Childbirth can be a beautiful experience, but it can also be daunting to some. As the due date grows closer, expectant mothers can become increasingly more uncomfortable. In making the process less stressful, chiropractors can help you as they are trained to help women in this hour of need.

Weight-Loss Struggles

Chiropractic adjustments can help you during pregnancy. The postnatal experience itself is a significant change.

The body changes a great deal during pregnancy, but the change doesn’t stop there. Following birth, the mother’s body changes again and sometimes not in the most desired way.

Trying to lose weight following delivery can be a tedious task, but only if you let it! If you do not address the body’s concerns, it can lead to medical conditions down the road. To lead a healthy life, one must genuinely adopt a healthy lifestyle and making conscious choices in achieving that goal.


With manipulations and adjustments, some may fear this approach could put the baby or the mother at risk but that it is not the case. This approach is a safe and natural approach to curing those aches and pains and ensuring successful delivery for both the mother and baby.

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If you are an expectant mother or thinking about becoming pregnant, our Lithia Springs chiropractors have extensive knowledge in providing treatment to pregnant mothers. Pregnancy is supposed to be a momentous time and a time that you should be able to look back on fondly. Let our team help you create an experience you’ll never forget and one that leaves you feeling your best! Dial (404) 602-0388 today to schedule an appointment!


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